Combating Poverty Conference - Recommendations for action
This is the summary produced by Faithnetsouthwest, at the end of the June 20th Conference at Wells, in note form.

The main speakers at the above conference have kindly allowed us to reproduce their presentations here. For convenience, these are in PDF format. You can still cut and paste the text into your own presentation if needed.

Julia Hill - Church Urban Fund
Tackling Poverty together

Rick Szur - Somerset Advice Network
The Network's role in providing Advice and Information Hubs

Paul Morrison - Joint Public Issues Team (Baptist, Methodist & URC Churches)
The lies we tell ourselves: ending comfortable myths about poverty
(As Dr Morrison was unable to be at the conference, David Maggs presented this talk, using these slides)

You can download the full Truth and Lies report here. There are study notes and other resources available on the web page, as well as suggested actions.

Angela Farmer - Somerset Equalities Officer Group (SEOG)
A countywide approach to the equality agenda